INSTAGRAM LIVE FEED – Photo Booth Rental

Users will have to refresh the App by swiping down to load new photos. Our Instagram Live Feed service will immediately acquire photobooth singapore uploaded to Instagram that is tagged with your selected event Instagram hashtag and display them in genuine time on a gallery.
By showing all the different Instagram photos of your occasion from various visitors in real time, various point of views of your event will be shared throughout to everybody at your occasion Not to discuss, nothing beats the excitement and enjoyable of seeing one’s Instagram photo appearing genuine time on a projected gallery!
Select a distinct hashtag for your occasion.
Notify your guests to upload their photo to their PUBLIC Instagram account and tag it with the occasion hashtag
Image will appear in real time on your customized designed gallery
Picture Booth Features
Completely Custom Designed Gallery
Everything from the gallery background, to the font, to the text etc. can all be personalized to your liking. Include your brand or event logo making the Instagram Live Feed gallery really yours.
Pick from over 10 various animation
When a brand-new Instagram picture is spotted, animation will applies to the numerous photos
A slideshow that loops through all the hashtagged Instagram images can be put in the gallery. New image will appear in the slideshow in real time too.
Easily display the gallery on any screen or monitor
No application to download, no certain demands. The Instagram Live Feed gallery can be accessed by visiting a web link on an Internet browser (ideally Google Chrome).
Photo Restriction.
If your hashtag is being hijacked by others (i.e., being utilized by others not related to your occasion), we can quickly restrict that image and block it from appearing.
Since the very first picture booth service went into Singapore years back, the Singapore photobooth market has actually revolved and the picture booth rental company has actually been thriving because then. Till date, having an image booth at an occasion is a typical sight nowadays and it had sort of ended up being a required act to consist of a picture booth at an event in Singapore.
Compared to our other instantaneous print services, our picture booth rental service supplies the highest home entertainment value. With a nice photobooth background combined with all our crazy photo booth props, its the perfect method for your guests to start the ball rolling, mingle, and have fun. In fact, at many of the occasions we’ve been to, our photobooth is constantly the main crowd puller.
Exactly what’s so various about our photo booth service you might ask. For a start, we constructed our entire picture booth platform from the ground up. As such, we have the ability to customise our image booth system and architecture, so that the whole image booth experience is expert, unique and fully tailored to your event and its marketing requirements (through the usage of our marketing devices). In additional, we have professional in-house designers who can develop customised picture booth props, background as well as hard copy design catered to your event.
Till date, we’ve offered our photobooth service for more than numerous events, varying from birthday parties, weddings to huge corporate occasions. is a one stop occasion photography firm that assists occasion organizers market their brand and thrill their visitors through personalized event photography solutions.
We are based in Singapore and we specialise in Live Instagram Printing, Photo Booth, Roving Photography, Smartphone Instant Print and Live Photo Feed.
Our Instagram Live Feed service will instantly obtain any pictures uploaded to Instagram that is tagged with your chosen event Instagram hashtag and show them in real time on a gallery.
Compared to our other instantaneous print services, our picture booth rental service provides the greatest home entertainment value. What’s so different about our picture booth service you may ask. We are able to customise our picture booth system and architecture, so that the entire image booth experience is photo booth singapore , special and totally customized to your event and its marketing demands (through the usage of our marketing devices). In extra, we have expert in-house designers who can design customised photo booth props, backdrop and also printout design catered to your occasion.